About Us

Robin is an innovative application team of professional engineers in the industry. The team was founded in early 2014 and focuses on the development, production, sales, operation and service of products and solutions in the field of new technologies. He has rich technical experience in the direction of intelligent hardware physical design, cloud computing, software applications. It is providing the most convenient and practical intelligent product solutions and products for millions of home users, commercial users and manufacturers.

In 2015, Robin relied on the team's mature basic technology to establish the obins brand, and is committed to introducing more intelligent technologies into the peripheral field. The products are integrated into the team's creative and pragmatic concept. I hope to bring the most valuable experience products to more users, so that the happiness of more people can be integrated into every touch of the user.


Tel.:400 966 9771


Address:University Science And Technology Park, No. 20, Jianxiong Road, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, China