General Announcement about Anne Pro 2 keyboards on

It comes to our attention that some inventories from are not the correct items we intend to offer on Our authorized distributor (Amazon marketplace name: Mamba Gadgets) reflected that the listings was intentionally altered in a wrong way and the quality is downgraded, therefore we make this official announcement to urge our customers on to buy the correct items from our authorized seller to protect their warranty. It’s also for our distributor to work with Amazon to review and make the right listing contents.

The products we offer to are different than what we offer in other countries, differences of which lie in the following aspects.

1. Brand and product label (EAN Label) is different

Since we entrust Sequoia Technology Limited (Amazon marketplace name: Mamba Gadgets) to distribute & do aftersales service solely in United States. We use cross brand on the products. The brand name on the product is obinslab x SainSonic. The EAN numbers are also different.

The numbers of EAN with the products we offer in China start with”69”, however the ones we offer to US start with “48”. We made a table below for reference.EAN Label

See examples here:

China Market Product:

Label China

US Market Product:

Label US

2. US market Anne Pro 2 Keyboards include warranty card.

Since we are China based manufacturer, the genuine Anne Pro 2 Keyboards we offer to US customers includes a warranty card, which enables our customers to get served in a quick manner. The China market version doesn’t have this card.

The card is below:


Besides the 2 main points above, we are carrying out the followings additionally to optimize customer experience.

1. Use different worded and designed package box on products listed on

2. Utilize customized and laser-printed Logo of SainSonic on the surface of ESC key.

These will be done in a month, and we will show example pictures then.

Basing on the stated above, we urge our customers to pay attention to:

1. Products with the wrong label or without the card may not valid for quick customer service and warranty protection. To ensure your complete safety and the excellent service we strive to give our customers, please avoid purchasing from unauthorized seller.

2. Products not from our authorized seller on might be scamming attempts, counterfeit products or unauthorized reselling

As of right now, we claim that we only authorize one company to distribute Genuine US-Style Anne Pro 2 Keyboard

Company Name: Sequoia Technology Limited

Amazon Seller Name: Mamba Gadgets

You should always refer to the products pages the seller Mamba Gadgets created on for the right version.

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